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Introducing Sodexo Energy & Resources 

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By your side, wherever you are

Energy and mining companies deserve better service than the usual industry standard. We empower our teams to be your day-to-day partners, anticipating and responding to your needs and solving your challenges every day.

Remote sites

Employees’ health and safety is your number one priority. Ours too. We always go above and beyond to eliminate hazards and manage risks, whatever they may be.

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Offshore environments

Expect the best. We provide the most responsive issue mitigation and resolution process in the industry. Partner with us for your offshore outsourcing needs.

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Industrial spaces

Transform your business at your pace to meet your needs. Work with a partner who can help drive greater simplicity, efficiency, savings and optimized operations.

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Offices and Headquarters

Workspaces are evolving fast, and so are employee needs. Let us help you create agile spaces that support productivity and wellbeing.

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Food and facilities management services

Core Services

Cover all your bases. From headquarters to offshore rigs, each facility has its own unique set of challenges and requirements, needs that we can address through our different services and packages. From offshore catering, onshore catering and hospitality services to hard and soft facilities services, we’ll build a consistent consumer experience no matter where your employees are.

End to end consumer experiences

Make it easy and convenient. Residents can plan and personalize their own stay, all while staying connected to their family. We provide a smooth, seamless and welcoming home to work to home experience, wherever your employees are stationed. They can also benefit from extra services such as social and wellness programs as well as entertainment and a variety of other activities.

Multi-choice retailing

Satisfy those cravings. With digital technology such as self-checkout kiosks, smart lockers and unmanned convenient stores, you’ll find an array of food and beverage choices, variety, and convenience even in the most isolated places. And we’ve made sure our menus have affordable and accessible choices for everyone, offering everything from comfort food to special diet meals.

Smart Facilities

Evolve with the times. With our smart technology, operations are guided so that services are carried out when they are needed, as opposed to them being dictated by routine. We’ll help you decrease your total cost of ownership and enjoy increased efficiency without any disruption to your day-to-day operations and facilities maintenance.


Fast-track innovation with a partnership that helps you stay ahead of a changing climate. Whether your challenges are simple or complex, we'll help handle whatever comes your way.

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Case studies


Driving greater simplicity, efficiency, and savings for one of the world's leading energy companies.

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Canadian Royalties

Mobilizing facility and food services at one of Canada’s most remote mines during a global pandemic.

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Learn how Sodexo drives continuous improvements, reduces risk, and handles the obstacles that inevitably arise while working on offshore platforms.

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Rated #1 in safety performance

Our clients rated our safety performance as the best in the industry. With our ambition of zero accidents, we have unrelenting focus on driving accountability for safety at every level of the organization, supported with training and tools to empower our teams. We’ve achieved accident-free performance on many sites, including 15 years accident-free on a client’s mining site in Chile.

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