Our partners

Working with others is an important part of our approach. As well as working closely with the National Probation Service (NPS), we also collaborate with other partners in the criminal justice system such as the police, prisons and courts.

Nacro – our strategic partner

Nacro is our strategic partner and is one of the country’s leading social justice charities. It has more than 50 years’ experience working with individuals and communities to reduce crime and help offenders turn their lives around. Through its knowledge and expertise – particularly in tackling a person’s vulnerabilities such as poor mental health, education and family stability – Nacro helps us to shape the strategic direction of our services.

Our operational partners

We partner with five organisations that provide a range of community integration services for people leaving prison and those in the community. These partners have been carefully selected based on their experience, expertise and capacity to deliver our contract requirements. Our partners are:

Home Group – one of the largest housing associations in the country, providing homes and support services to thousands of people. Home Group gives support to people across Norfolk who are in prison, as part of our Through the Gate programme. Services include help with accommodation, finance and debt. The Group also works with service users in the community, providing the same support but combined with a mentoring service.

Home Group also manages a women’s centre in Norfolk which provides counselling and support services to female service users in a safe, confidential and friendly environment.

Anglia Care Trust – a local charity that has been supporting individuals and families for more than 40 years. Anglia Care Trust gives support to people across Suffolk who are in prison – again as part of our Through the Gate programme. It offers help with accommodation, finance and debt. The Trust also works with service users in the community, giving the same support as well as a mentoring service.

Ormiston Families – a leading local charity dedicated to supporting families, young adults and children. Ormiston Families provides support to maintain or re-build relationships between service users and their families. The charity also works to reduce the impact of offending on children, gives parenting and relationship advice, and provides supportive community networks for the families.

St Giles Trust – a charity which provides support to young people, adults, families and children affected by crime, poverty, poor education and unemployment. At the CRC, St Giles provides specialist resettlement services to women in prison – helping with accommodation, education, training and employment, finance and debt.

Lighthouse – a local charity which provides specialist support to women and their children. Lighthouse offers a broad range of services to women across Suffolk through its wellbeing centre in Ipswich. Support includes help dealing with domestic abuse and substance misuse, improving health and mental wellbeing, building social networks and finding suitable accommodation.

Giving service users a voice

User Voice - set up in 2009 by ex-offender, Mark Johnson MBE, it aims to create dialogue between criminal justice providers and service users that is mutually beneficial. It works with people in prison and in the community. At the CRC, User Voice carries out consultations with service users and has established a council made up of ex-offenders who want to get involved in the running of our services. www.uservoice.org

Nominate a project for Community Payback

Any person or organisation can nominate a project for Community Payback. To be considered your project must:

  • benefit the local community
  • not take paid work away from someone
  • not allow anyone to profit from the work
  • be challenging and demanding.