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Catering Hospitality Services

Business & Industry

Sodexo supports business strategies that improve the quality of life of individuals at work to positively impact organisations’ performance.

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Defence and Military Catering


Sodexo’s dedicated team of employees are working hard to provide "home from home" services on military bases across the UK, in Cyprus and the Falkland Islands.

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Energy & Resources

Quality of offshore life depends on three core factors: safety, comfort and social engagement. So, our mission is straightforward – to ensure offshore workers experience all three.

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Catering Hospitality Company

Health and Care

Sodexo Health & Care partners with public and private healthcare organisations to deliver services that contribute to the delivery of better care for patients, staff and visitors.

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Food and Catering Company


We work with schools across the UK, providing services that ensure children have nutritious, balanced diets in a safe, welcoming environment.

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University Food and Catering Companies


Sodexo delivers services to give students an attractive, welcoming campus experience in an environment that supports their social needs.

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Creating wonderful food experiences

The food we eat is changing - consumers are looking for active and healthier options. Consumer demand, legislation and corporate responsibility are combining to shape Sodexo's approach to healthier food and drink.

Passionate chefs, mouthwatering food

It all starts with our chefs – they deliver food which delights our customers, they are well trained and passionate about what they do.  From corporate catering in staff restaurants to fine dining at world-class sporting events, we operate on many levels aiming to give our customers an exceptional food experience.

Sustainable diets

Whether it’s the latest flexitarian offers from the supermarkets, growing presence of meat-free options in high street food restaurants and cafés or the explosion of Instagram #veganlife stars, it’s pretty hard not to notice that plant-based diets are where it’s at.

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Supporting SMEs and local suppliers

Our aim is to increase spend with listed suppliers to positively contribute to the Better Tomorrow 2025 target of £200m of our business value benefiting SMEs and improving the quality of life of women in our communities.

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Tackling food waste

We are working together with our teams, clients and suppliers to reduce food and collateral waste through a number of different initiatives at Sodexo.

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Entegra, the largest food group purchasing organization in the world

Reimagine purchasing and performance with Entegra. With bold initiatives, creative solutions and a driven advisory team, Entegra partners with hospitality-driven businesses like yours to propel you forward and achieve more than ever.

Entegra brings clients incredible savings on not just food, but on the broadest offering of furniture, fixtures, and equipment, maintenance and repair operations, and services and supplies needed to run their business. Entegra delivers unmatched efficiencies and tailored solutions, boosting client business performance.

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